Thursday, August 21, 2014

Life can change so fast!

Yesterday was a big day for my identical twin boys. One headed off to college and the other faces a liver transplant. Up until now, they have always been together, but we have encouraged them to be themselves; dependent on family and their faith but not necessarily on each other for their identity.

They are very confident young men. As babies, we never dressed them alike; choosing instead to dress them in specific colors so Grandma would never have to ask which baby she was holding. Eric always wore green or purple and Tyler wore red. They chose to continue wearing those colors as they went to elementary school, to help their teachers to see them as individuals and their classmates to know their names.  We never had to make the tough decision facing many parents of twins to separate them in classes or keep them together. In our small town, there is only one class per grade level! But the boys thrived near each other, while honing their own personality and abilities.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do you dread looking in a mirror?

Do you dread looking in a mirror? I do. When I am forced to check my appearance in a mirror or use my reflection to put on makeup, I avoid looking directly at myself. I look only at what I want to see or am comfortable with.

I think that is a common habit of women. I would rather not see the wrinkles around my eyes, my too ruddy complexion, my chubby cheeks or the zit on my chin. And I never look myself directly in my too squinty eyes. And that's just above the neck!

I see the imperfections and ignore any positive attributes. I assume that everyone sees the negatives first as well. I had a very powerful experience recently that reminded me of the beauty of my imperfections and helped me disregard the need for society's vision of beauty.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fire in the hayfield

It was a hot, dry day--perfect for making hay! With temperatures near 104 we worked hard to cut the nutritious summer grass in the morning so it could dry and we could make it into bales by that evening.

But something went wrong...

Let's talk!

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