Monday, July 21, 2014

Wildflowers are perfect in our prairie home landscape

Native Butterfly Milkweed transplanted to my yard. Butterflies really do love it!
Confession....I'm not a good gardener. In fact, I'm a pretty horrible gardener! I always have great intentions of having a beautifully manicured lawn and lush vegetable garden. But then life happens.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I got dirty on the farm

The following is a guest post by my good friend Nicky Tiffany who writes from a Kansas feedyard.

When the Kansas Livestock Association called to ask if we'd serve as a host family for the Kansas Farm Food Connection "Get The Dirt" Contest giving one lucky urban family a behind the scenes, fun packed day on the farm, we said "Of course!"...
And then the madness ensued!

You know what I'm talking about- What will they want to do? Do we need to feed everyone? Will they come to the house or just the feedyard? Exactly HOW many people are coming? Wait a minute... What did we just agree to??

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ohhhh boy, what have I done now?

Well, I really stepped in it! I don't know what to think about it, but I did it! I moved to self-hosted and even changed the name of my blog that I have been posting for more than 5 years! I still have the same goals and the same plans, but I think my new name is more descriptive of my blog and how it has evolved.

So, if you still follow me at Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch, you need to update your bookmarks to "Kids, Cows and Grass!"  That's!

I began blogging in 2009 to tell some stories of what happens on a ranch and to answer questions from people who don't live in rural areas. I think the conversation is changing and growing in the past 5 years. There are many more people involved in agriculture that are willing to answer questions. I also found that my blog posts are about three major topics:  Kids, Cows and Grass! Those are my passions.

Let's talk!

Thank you for reading! If you like this post, I would appreciate any comments and shares. You can see a bit more about me and my family here, and connect with me on facebook and twitter! Please do! Connecting is the WHOLE POINT of blogging! I'd love to hear from you.