I Am Angus! Yes, I am!!

I'm just a mom, cattle rancher and sometimes a substitute teacher--but I love what I do and I am blessed to do what I love!  Tonight I was one of the featured segments on the TV program "I Am Angus" that was on RFD-TV. I was able to tell about my life and my work and encourage more farmers and ranchers to take a few minutes each day to communicate with the people who buy our beef.

It doesn't have to take long--just a few minutes a day--to tell what I'm doing on our ranch that day. If you are reading this post, you must follow my blog already so you know what I do! If not, the I Am Angus segment is posted here and I am so honored to have been featured.

If you enjoyed this video clip and would like to see more about the people who raise Certified Angus Beef and much of the beef in the restaurants and supermarkets, check out the American Angus Association's YouTube channel for the I Am Angus show!


  1. Debbie, this video is fantastic. You do a fabulous job at telling your family ranching story. I love reading your blog, Facebook and Twitter updates from the prairies of North Dakota. Keep up the great work!

  2. Debbie awesome job! I am so glad that I got to work with you on this project. I think you have inspired many people tonight.


  3. Debbie,
    It is refreshing to see a "normal" family being recognized. I love the I am Angus shows. They showcase what is great about our country and it is not surprising that your gang was featured.

  4. It was AMAZING!!!! Hubby & I were watching & I was so excited to watch that section! Hubby was VERY doubtful that I would "know" anyone. I was able to say "Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch" when your picture came up & he was impressed that I did "know" you. The segment was wonderful & keep up the good work!!!

    You do a FANTASTIC job sharing!

    Thank you for the encouragement to blog again.

  5. FINALLY got a quiet moment to watch the video. Well-done! Great job representing cattle ranchers

  6. Awesome post/video! Congrats on being showcased!


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