Come tour my ranch!

I'm pleased to have been asked to be a featured Farmer Video for the Food, Nutrition & Science website. Check out the information at the full website by clicking here: The Lempert Report. You can watch the video above, but be sure to check out the website for more shopping information and connections to farmers and ranchers!

By the way, on their website I am listed as 42 years old...I am really getting old because I was driving yesterday and that really bothered me so I did the math...and guess what...I'm really 43! OMIGOSH! Losing my brain already!


  1. Debbie, I loved seeing the video. The Flint Hills of Kansas are similar to where we live in south central North Dakota. It's grasslands on the prairie. I am going to be in DC next week and can't wait to hear you speak. Hopefully we can get together to visit more.

  2. Katie, GREAT! I'm so glad to hear that I'll get to meet you! Thanks for your comments!


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