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Planking -- Cowgirl style!

During Thanksgiving break, we took advantage of the extra working hands and put the kids to work! The girls were home from college and the boys were off school from the local high school, so we pregnancy checked about 200 head of cows. Frankly, we were doesn't take 7 people to work cattle through the chute and check to see if they're pregnant, but we used everyone and had fun doing it!

I'm not quite sure what the girls are studying in college, though, as about halfway through working they asked if we would take their picture "planking." I guess this is a common thing for kids to do--lie down somewhere strange like a board or plank, and have their picture taken. So, my girls headed to the middle of the cows and flopped down in the manure and filth and "planked" while we took their picture so they could post it on facebook!

This is a perfect example of enjoying what you do! We do love working on our ranch, but the day started to get a bit cold and my fingers were hurting in the cold--but the girls were enjoying it all and even chose to get more manure on their clothes by lying down with the cows!

It was a fun week with the whole family home...but the girls headed back to college on Sunday to prepare for finals! (At least I hope they're studying...and not finding other strange places to go "planking!") Google it...what a strange interest!

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  1. I love the planking photo! Great idea! My family tends to also work with the cattle when I'm home so they have more help. It's good family fun!


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