Fifth Day of Christmas...on a Kansas Ranch

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
five awesome kids!
The crew of kids and hubby...right before we work cattle a year ago. They are the best cattle working crew I have ever exaggeration!
They clean up well, too!
I'm sure you've heard me say this before...we never planned to have five kids. Sometimes you just take what God gives you and make the best of it...we had five kids in four and a half years. That made for some wild times when they were all little (there is literally a year that I have NO memories); but some amazing Christmases with toys all over the living room and dining room and mountains of boxes and wrapping paper discarded! They're all older now, ages 20 to 16 years and they are truly awesome. I have no idea what makes a kid turn out well. I don't claim to be responsible. Many parents have done everything right and the kids can still have something that makes their life difficult. I do believe that living in the country and working on the ranch have helped to mold these kids into responsible, caring, hard working young adults.

Sure, these beautiful young adults are not perfect...we're NORMAL! But they are deep down very good kids. I used to say that my goal in life was to raise independent girls and sensitive boys and I believe they are all that...and WAAAAY more! Thank you, Blythe kids, for all the work you do on the ranch beside us, and for your future. Your dad and I are so proud of you and the young adults you have become. You are one of my most important blessings!

In case you're thinking I'm off on my days for the 12 Days of Christmas check out is a bit flexible!!  Twelve Days of Christmas!


  1. I just happened onto your blog and found it so very interesting. We also live on a farm and have had many of the same experiences as you, although we only have a same herd in comparison to yours. We have mostly black angus cattle, with a few black Salers cattle from bulls bought at Quinter, Kansas. Our main farm income comes from poultry; we're in our 40th year as contract growers. We are in the foothills of the Ozarks and most farms are made up of small tracts of land, scattered here and there; we have to go to four places to feed hay every day.

    It's so wonderful that your children are involved with the farm; we had all girls, so I've become the "farm hand" help. At age 70 I still rake hay every summer and I've pulled a calf.

    I'll certainly put your blog in my favorites list and read more about your farm life.

  2. love the family pictures! looks like you have a hard working crew there to help ya(:

  3. Great family picture! So glad you could be all under one roof for a little bit. Have a great 2012.


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