Merry Christmas from our Ranch

It is snowing! After a day of rain and sleet, it is now snowing on our ranch. Looks like we will get a measurable amount before the day is over, but people just a few miles away have over a foot of snow! Our cattle will be in good shape today as they have plenty to eat, a warm straw bed ready for their nap, and fresh water available. The kids' school was called off due to the weather, so they have been helping with the chores of caring for the cattle (so much for sleeping in!). It is a family effort--with everyone having responsibilities on our ranch.

The American Angus Association has a great video that talks about the family importance in the Beef Community. Check out other "I Am Angus" videos on YouTube as well for more information about the people who raise your beef.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a blessed New Year!

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  1. We've been watching on RFDTV, as well. Just awesome! The one about little Jacob Keeling just tore me up. That's about as deep as it goes!


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