Seventh Day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to Flint Hill pastures,
The view this fall in one of my favorite places!
The Flint Hills are very special to many people. When I'm out in the middle of a pasture, with no power lines, no houses, no fences and only cattle and grass visible, I imagine what it was like to cross the prairies in covered wagons. I wonder what it was like to camp at night on the prairie, listening to coyotes howl and your campfire snap. It must have been a beautiful place and easy to select a place to call your build a house, build a barn, build a life.

Today, it takes about 6 acres of grass for a cow and calf for the entire season. We take care of a few thousand acres of grassland on the prairie, and we are proud to do so. It is a responsibility we feel for ourselves, and for future generations. I have blogged many many times about the prairie. We have approximately seven separate pieces of grass that we have cows in, hence the song's reference...

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