Baby calves begin to arrive

A happy, healthy calf and his mama.
 Baby calves are bouncing around the winter pastures, neighbors are slowing down on the highway to see newborn babies, and the weather is holding out beautifully! Kansas winters are notoriously rough, but this year it has been mild and fairly warm. The nights are cold and clear, and the baby calves have perfect weather to enter this world kicking and jumping and ready to grow!
Once upon  a time, these plants were happy and healthy!
My houseplants, on the other hand, are not doing so well. My daughter thought this picture made a perfect blog post, as it is a perfect example of where I spend my time in the winter/early spring. Obviously, I'm not hanging around inside much!! My  houseplants die in January/February and the cattle thrive!

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  1. There's nothing better than to watch the calves run, jump and play with each other! A definite sign that spring IS right around the corner. I hope the threatening snow doesn't make things too awful hard on you!


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