More twins on the ranch!

A few days ago, we had our third set of twins this year. These little boys were born to my daughter's old show heifer. She was doing a great job mothering them both and when my son snuck up to snap a picture, she seemed like a proud mama showing them off!
After a quick morning snack, Toots (as we affectionately call the old gal) called to her young'uns and headed off toward the pond.
This is not our first set of twins. It is fairly common for cows to have twins. We usually have approximately 250 calves a year, and anywhere from three to eight sets of twins. A friend of ours holds the unofficial record for 13 sets of twins in one year! My favorite set of twins was born 16 1/2 years ago...
My twins are identical boys who are really awesome guys! They may be genetically identical, but they are very different and unique. I love them bunches--even though they are now teenage boys and smell funny--unless they are heading to see a girl, then they smell wonderful! (by the way, the pictures of the cattle for this post were taken by the cute little twin boy on the right!)


  1. I joined your blog a few days ago and am reading all the information I can get about your farm. Thanks for all the information, learning all the time about cattle. We take very good care of our cattle and strive to give them the best life we can. My husband does a lot work to keep them thriving and healthy. I help all I can but am still working a full time job so I am limited. I hope you will join me too!!!

  2. They are so cute, both baby cows and your boys ^^

    1. Thank you! We usually have a few sets of twins every year. Some years, more than others. But it is pretty hard for a cow to raise both of them, so we often end up supplementing them with bottles or transplanting one twin to a cow who has lost her calf. They usually adopt them very well after a couple of days.


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