"I'm Farming" Video is GROWING!

Have you seen it yet?

With over 1 million YouTube views in just 2 days, the farming parody of "Sexy and I Know It" has made local, state, and national news. This video created by the three Peterson brothers of Kansas shares not only the daily tasks of farm life but also the importance of agriculture.

So what's funny about this video? I mean what's funny besides their clever lyrics and fun portrayal of farm life? What's funny is that my daughter Meghan actually knows the oldest Peterson boy from class at Kansas State University! Here she shares her thoughts.

Meghan said, "As a freshman at Kansas State University my first class on campus was Intro to Agriculture Economics. This honors discussion course was designed to be completed entirely in teams... team lab reports, team assignments, and team exams. 

"The first day of class we were split into our groups for the semester. To an incoming freshman this set up was intimidating to say the least, but in my team I found a friendly face in a guy named Greg.  Throughout the semester our group of four worked diligently for our first college "A" letter grade. We got it and after the course was completed, our group split up to fulfill our separate curriculum requirements. 

"It's nice to occasionally run into one another on campus and once again I am always struck by how friendly and easy-going Greg always is. While I was surprised to learn of his musical talent and internet fame, I can think of no one better to share the story of agriculture than the friendly face of Greg Peterson."

Thanks Meghan for this insight into who these Internet-sensations are! Congratulations Peterson Farm Boys! In addition to being Kansas farmers, they are also devout Christians and Greg Peterson has had a facebook fan page for his Christian music since September 2010! But the boys just created a fanpage for their Farm Boy following this week!

For more information about the Peterson Farm Brothers, check out:

Good luck in NYC, boys! Don't worry, the farm work will wait until you get home...I'm sure a neighbor would LOVE to feed those cattle for you--especially if you give them a shout-out on Fox News tomorrow morning! 

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