Small Town Gal

I have had lots of opportunity for travel lately and I do enjoy seeing different places across the nation. From New York City to New Orleans, and from Denver to El Paso; but I have to say I prefer my little town in Kansas.

When I travel, I like to fly out of Manhattan, Kansas (we call it the "Little Apple")--my ticket says I'm boarding at Gate 1, which is good since there is only one gate! From Manhattan, you can fly to only two destinations to connect a flight to your target city--Dallas/Fort Worth or Chicago. Either is fine and I've had no major problems through either one. But I like to fly to DFW because the plane goes right over my house that is 45 miles southwest of Manhattan! If it is a clear day, you can actually see our house and ranch. I've been able to pinpoint ponds and fields, although we are too high to actually see people or cows.

As I land in whatever city I'm traveling to that day, I also like to watch the landscape as we come in. The different country is interesting to me and I wish I could power my phone on to take pictures as we land--but you know that pesky rule about electronics.  I need to remember to take my camera one time--with the big lens!

It is fun to do the tourist-thang and check out the other sites. I do like to taste the regional favorites and when traveling, I try to never eat anything that I can get at home! So far, my favorite was the gator sausage gumbo at Red Fish in New Orleans. Mmmmmmm.....

Usually when I'm giving a speech, I am able to take one extra day to look around the city and take in the atmosphere. Sometimes I don't have any extra time, though.  But no matter whether I've had time to sightsee, or not, I am always happy to be flying over the pastures and small towns of Kansas as my plane comes in for a landing on the prairie.

As John Cougar Mellencamp says, "I got nothing against the big town, still hayseed enough to say look who's in the big town. But my baby's in a small town and that's good enough for me!" and then..."Yeah, I can be myself in this small town, and people let me be just who I want to be."


  1. Great post :) I have truly enjoyed reading your blog! I'm from outside Manhattan, KS as well and reading your blog makes me feel at home on the farm again.

    From a fellow blogger ...

  2. Great post. I love to travel and your post makes me eager to take a trip soon... Wish I could fly over our farm!

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