How do you cook a pot roast?

There is no better comfort food than a delicious, home cooked beef pot roast! I love coming in from working outside, after a cold afternoon of football, or just sledding on the hill out back to smell the mouth-watering aroma of a pot roast that has been cooking all day!

My crockpot is my go-to kitchen appliance all winter as I can spend a few minutes getting a roast ready to go in an evening, and pop it in the crockpot in the morning and then we have a great meal ready when we get home.

A year ago, my friends and I were heading out to dinner and ended up waiting for our table in the restaurant lounge with drinks. We are pretty notorious for making new friends wherever we go, and of course, we began talking to the other people sitting at the bar. Somehow, we got on the topic of cooking a roast and I was amazed to find that the other people were not familiar with how to cook a roast at home! Of course, one of my friends (who is an excellent cook) proceeded to give them step by step instructions on how to cook the perfect roast. Before they left for the evening, they even came to our table to verify one of the steps!

I guess comfort food has to appear to be lots of work! But there is no easier, or more delicious meal than a potroast! Not long ago, I found this series of videos done by Certified Angus Beef and Chef Michael Ollier. The first one was how to braise a pot roast. I hope you enjoy it and then head out to the store and find a good chuck roast on which to try your refreshed culinary skill!

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