Moving steers to the feedyard

These boys are weighing 700-800 pounds and are ready to go to the feedyard for approximately 120 days.
Before they go, they need a new electronic ear tag that will allow us to track them. The tag is USDA registered and also provides verification that these calves are Angus sired, and is proof of their age.
The electronic tag goes in the ear, but the electronic tag reader can read it. Don't worry--it doesn't really hurt much to put it in. About like getting your ears pierced!
This is a close-up of the actual tag. The electronic chip is located in the button on the left.

Everyone helps get the work done--including Roo the cowdog. She knows she is not allowed to work the cattle through the alleyway, so she "helps" the kids. She just can't leave the kids alone! She wants to play!!
My son waits to put more calves through the alleyway. Yes, that is my finger. Don't judge!
Meg rests in the wheelbarrow with Roo when the job is done!


  1. Love these pictures - reminds me of "back home"!

    Happy New Year!

  2. What great family bonding!! Brings back memories:)


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