Using fire to enhance sustainability of the prairie

Sustainability means different things to different people. Farmers and ranchers are inherently focused on sustainability--if they don't take care of the land and the animals in a sustainable manner, it can't be passed on through the generations. One of the most important goals we have is to hand our ranch down to our kids.

In our area, we work hard to maintain and improve the Flint Hills and the native grass that grows here. If you are interested in how we work every day to improve the prairie, please take the time to watch this video. It talks about controlled burning of the prairie as an important tool to improve sustainability....and if you watch closely, you might catch me on the video! :)

Taking care of the grass is one of my passions! I've written about our work to preserve the tallgrass prairie before. If you're interested, check out my posts:


  1. That was a very interesting video. It's always exciting to us if we happen to drive thru the Flint Hills during burning time, or seeing blackened hills starting to turn green again. We know why you need to burn, but it was interesting to learn the sustainability side.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I loved seeing so many of my friends/peers on the video and it was an honor to be included. Interestingly, this year there is not nearly as much being burned as normal. With the drought, we don't have the dead grass to fuel a good, hot, beneficial fire. So we are using chainsaws this year in our war against the Eastern Redcedar!


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