Happy Valentine's Day to my Partner on the Ranch, my Husband!

Every once in awhile my good old husband does something that amazes me. We've been together for nearly 28 years now...married for coming on 25 years.  We are not mushy and don't really do a good job on Valentine's Day expressing how much we really value each other. But I do think we express it in many ways throughout the rest of the year.  Duane is not good at buying presents. Don't get me started--from a flannal nightgown to a garden hoe, I've clearly stated "no more presents! EVER!" And he is a farm boy--he prefers practical gifts. So I have given up giving him romantic things and simply take a bit more time with supper on Valentine's Day. This year I have ribeye steaks thawing!

But Duane can still pleasantly surprise me. This past summer as we worked to make a commercial for America's Farmers we were interviewed independently for the online video. He wowed me with some pretty profound words about marriage....I don't know where he heard it before or how he came up with it...but I guess he was paying attention while we struggled through the past 28 years.

He said, "I think a partnership between a husband and a wife is special. You know, in a partnership we often think that that line is in that 50-50 area, but really it's probably more of a 60-40. You need to be willing to give a little bit more on both sides. And if you are only willing to go so far, it's going to make it pretty tough!"

Duane and I are really partners in our ranch and our family. We do have our own strengths and weaknesses and I think we often balance each other out. I'm very lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom and take care of the cattle on our ranch day to day. He works at a bank during the week and I have the daily responsibilities of the ranch. But that doesn't mean I'm the "Rancher" and he is a "Banker!" We are definitely partners and we share the responsibilities and work, as well as the heartaches and successes of the ranch. We also both have important roles in raising our kids.

I've seen a couple of blogs posted recently that really talk about the real meaning of marriage. I think they have it right...but it all boils down to RESPECT. If you don't respect each other for the people that we each are, and not who you wish we were, you won't last. If you don't respect the marriage and the importance of staying together through the rough times as well as the fun, your relationship won't deepen.

So today, I want to publicly thank Duane for what he said on this interview and for what he does every single day to strengthen our marriage. He is definitely a "keeper" and I'm proud to be his partner--his wife! Check out the whole clip, but at 1:00 on the video, you will hear Duane talk about marriage!

Why is it that when YouTube starts a video of me...it freezes on me with my mouth wide open and a stupid look on my face. *deep sigh*  Oh well.

The other blogs I've read lately that really spoke to my heart about marriage are:
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  1. Love this! He is a keeper, Debbie!

    1. Thanks, Leslie! He is a closet softie--and don't tell anyone!! Ha!


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