April showers bring May flowers...and muddy boys!

It was a rainy spring day in Kansas...just a few years ago. Today I was looking for some pictures that I KNOW are on my hard drive, but I found these gems instead.  To put the date in perspective, the rascally-looking redhead in the picture is now 6'7" tall and I am really not sure which of my twins this is. Once they were a little older, I could easily tell the difference. (Yeah, right--I still mix them up.)

As all little boys do, mine loved to play in the mud. One day after a really nice rain, I heard hollering at the back porch. Trent and his little brother were stomping and really getting dirty! When The Little Boy's boot got stuck, Trent tried to help, but the little guy ended up face first in the muck. (By the way, according to some parenting expert you are not supposed to call your twins "The Twins" so we called the twins "The Little Boys" and if I wasn't sure which one I was speaking to, he became "Little Boy.")
Of course, being the sensitive mom that I am, I grabbed the camera and hollered at Trent to save his brother! I think he kind of enjoyed the whole event--judging by the look on his face as he explains what happened!
Pretty sure The Little Boy didn't like being this muddy though. About this time in my parenting career, I bought a second washer and dryer.  No, I didn't replace the first set...I put them RIGHT NEXT to the other set!! At the time, we could barely afford them but that has proved to be the best decision I ever made!

You know, that mud hole has never grown very good grass.


  1. Thank you so very much for sharing this. The third photo reminds me of my middle son Jacob and his whole hearted up to nothing good grins that he still shares with us. Oh how much fun you can have with a mud hole!

    1. I finally had to put bricks for a patio in that mud hole! It never grew grass--because kids were always playing in it!! now that they are grown up, I think it was time to do something with that hole!


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