Children's Books Starring Agriculture!

Book Review: "It's All About That Beef!" 

by Rianna and Sheridan Chaney  

One of my favorite ways to connect with people who want to learn about agriculture is to volunteer to read in grade school classrooms.  Kids love having new people read to them and then once the book is done, they have tons of questions for me.

In addition, the teachers enjoy not having to be "in charge" all the time and a few minutes off in their day can make all the difference! So I have compiled a pretty good list of books about agriculture, specifically raising cattle.

These books by the Chaney Twins are some of my favorites! Now they have a new book--the 7th in a series. If you haven't seen these books, let me introduce you and give you a quick review...

The girls, along with their mom Becky Chaney's help, have authored seven books and have plans to complete 10 in the Chaney Twins' Series.

They've come a long way since 2007 when they began their first book "Little Star...Raising our First Calf," not just in their own maturity, but also in the complexity of the story.  In the first book, the girls raise an orphaned twin calf by feeding it a bottle. They learn responsibility and what it takes to feed and care for a calf. They name her Star and she grows up to become a mama cow and star in other books in the series.

But in the most recent book, "It's All About That Beef!" the girls help teach the reader about how beef makes it to our plates. There are professional quality photographs on every page and well thought out text to accompany each photo.

The girls and their editor Mom package up each book for shipment, so they take the time to autograph each book that they send out.  In addition, each of the books has a corresponding lesson plan that can be used along with the story! What better way to teach a bit of science, math and reading while enjoying a fun book?!
One of the best parts of the book is the Glossary in the back that explains many terms that are used in that specific book.  Many times we use terminology that may not make sense to young people, but these definitions are age-appropriate and well explained.

These books have received quite a bit of recognition within the agriculture world, but it is still hard to get them widely distributed. So in order to share them with my readers, and help you enjoy them and take them to classrooms to share, I want to give them to you!

If you are interested in having a copy of these books for yourself, just leave your name and who you would like to read these books with in the comment section of either this blog or my Facebook page KidsCowsandGrass.

If you do not win the books, but would like to order your own, go to and place your order! Also the links for the downloadable lesson plans that correspond with the books is there too!

I hope you enjoy these great stories of these two gals and what they have accomplished! I look forward to their next three books to complete the 10-book series.


  1. I will share with my great nieces and nephew! Shelly Heimer

  2. Where can I buy these books for our public library and for my own future grandchildren?

    1. Cathy, the link is in the next to the last paragraph! Http://

  3. I love these ideas, I think they work perfectly well with young learners.

    fun Activities for Kids


  5. I often get the opportunity to read to the Pigeon Forge Primary school and the Sevier County Library Groups. Also my daughter reads to the New Center school grades. We have used The A B C's of Agriculture and The Story of Beef Cattle in Agricultue. Plus using a display of Wow That Cow.

  6. Great! The first hero in a child’s life is his mother or father. But books about other characters that struggle and face difficulties but rise to the challenge can present new examples and circumstances from which the child can learn.


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