Family Working Vacation

Spending time with my family is one of the most important things I do. There is plenty of time on a cattle ranch to work together and have family time, but one of our favorite things is attending the National Junior Angus Show each summer.

We are in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with three heifers to show at the NJAS. We drove more than 20 hours from small town Kansas to Harrisburg, with five teenagers (okay, 4 teens and one 20 yr old--yeah, yeah, Meg, I know how old you are!) and me in a pickup truck.

We drove overnight to ensure the cattle didn't get too hot, so the kids slept sprawled over each other like puppies! It was really nice to have a few extra drivers when 3:00 am rolled around!

Once we arrived, and the setup work was complete, the kids headed out to renew friendships made at previous national shows.

There are a variety of educational contests in which my kids are involved. My daughter and two other gals were on a team that the goal is to sell an animal to the judges. It involves knowledge of beef industry information as well as the ability to speak in public. The NJAS is chock-full of educational opportunities, social events and chances to see quality Angus cattle. It is also a time for my family to come together and enjoy working and having fun.

This post was written while I sat in the stands in the arena at NJAS, watching my kids show their heifers. But for some reason, didn't post correctly! I just realized that and figured it was still worth posting! So, only 2 months it is!

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  1. love this! especially the picture of your kids piled up in the truck sleeping... cute, cute:)

  2. huzzah for new buddies on the blog!
    i had been reading your blog for several months back when my sister and i had our 'two girls in the country' blog. we did away with that and now i have my own. so happy i found you again!
    your kind words put me on cloud nine. it's people like you that inspire me to keep on writing. i will definitely be reading your blog in the very near future!! you keep up the writing too please, i absoultely love hearing about your life filled with cattle. i hope to one day have a similar life:)
    so excited that you're following, :)


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