Fall wildflowers on the Prairie

Sunflowers are everywhere in Kansas in the fall. They are actually a weed in most cases, but some farmers grow a domesticated strain for oil and seed

Fall is a beautiful time on the Kansas prairie. Normally you think of spring as a time for wildflowers, but fall's flowers are a deeper, richer color and seem to stand out in the grass. Also, as the days grow shorter and the nights cooler, the prairie grass changes color from deep green to yellow, gold and even red and purple! I wish fall were longer on the prairie!

This is a new wildflower to me, but according to websites I've searched, it looks like Leavenworth Eryngo .

This is Snow-on-the-Mountain. A very common wildflower on the Kansas prairie.

One of my favorite fall prairie wildflowers is Dotted Gayfeather. I've tried to transplant the original prairie plant into my home landscape, but have been unsuccessful so far. Of course, there are domesticated cultivars available in the nurseries.

If you're interested in more information about wildflowers in Kansas, I found a great website with pictures for identifying different flowers: http://kswildflower.org

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