The first calves arrive!

The first calf of 2011--a heifer born to a heifer. She's snuggling in the straw on the cold Kansas winter morning.
Mama calls to her baby in her low voice. The calf is interested in what I'm doing!
The second bull calf born in the maternity pen. We use purple tags for bull calves and yellow for heifer calves.


  1. Debbie,
    It's always amazing to see how far your message travels. Even to other planets.

  2. What beautiful Cows and calves! They almost look like they have grumpy expressions.

  3. There is nothing like watching a newborn calf

  4. It's almost like the mama is humming or purring to the young calf. In all my years around cattle, it's still amazing how every mama can tell which calf is hers. (they probably say the same thing about us!)

  5. She looks like a big calf! Good to see the mama watching over her. Just got my pregnant heifers penned up. They are getting close!


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