Roo the Cowdog strikes again!

Some people say they were a certain animal in a previous life...I say I hope to be a dog in a future life! If I'm given my choice, I'll be a cowdog, too!

What does a dog do all day? Well, our dog Roo mostly sleeps all day. During the really cold weather, we bring her in the kitchen to sleep on her doggie pillow. She snoozes all day, only opening her eyes when one of my sons comes in the room and speaks to her, or when she has some desire to eat or drink. Otherwise, sleeping is the major event on her agenda. 

So what does she do all night? If she is in the kitchen, she quietly that I sometimes forget she is even there! But if she is out in the farm yard, she spends the night barking at various critters that make noises in the dark. I used to think that she probably was protecting her family from the varmints, but now I believe she is protecting her personal stash of snacks. When she is given a bone or a choice piece of steak meat, she daintily takes it in her mouth and heads out into the pasture around the house. I think that she has a whole network of holes filled with tasty morsels that she must protect from anyone smelling around. She makes the rounds of the house, barking various pitched sounds--obviously warning the varmints that they better leave her bones alone!
Roo's actually MY dog, but her best buddy is my son Trent. She adores him. I think it is because he gets her all crazy! He plays rough and runs around with her. He can get her growling and wrestling with him and then when he says "Stop!" she does. Crazy dog.

 Roo recently was given a doggie pillow. She loves it. We originally thought she would appreciate it in her dog house.  We put it in there one chilly afternoon and in the morning, it was outside under an oak tree with Roo snoozing on it. So I asked my son to staple it into the house. I figured it would only get wet and nasty if it were allowed to be outside. So he did as I asked and used 26 staples to secure it in place. The next morning, it was again outside under the tree, with many staples sticking out of the edges!
So we have allowed Roo to put her bed where she wants it. She hauls it around the house, on the porch, in the bushes, and even in the middle of the gravel driveway. You can find her snoozing on it any time of the day or night. I guess she thinks that is what she is supposed to do. Cow dogs just think about things differently. If you've ever wondered what a cow dog is thinking you need to read Hank the Cowdog books! And, there are more stories of our Roo, the cowdog on this blog as well.


  1. Love! She's so pretty and that's a great name for a cow-dog. We actually have a Jake the Cow-dog and he is my bestest riding pal in the fall. He helps me so much! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful dog! Beautiful. Her eyes are hypnotic.

    She looks like a border collie or Aussie.

    SOO smart. Love how she moves her bed to where SHE wants it...not where YOU want it. LOL

  3. My husband read "Hank The Cowdog" when he was little - still to this day when we take our cow herd (all 4 of them) over to their pasture he opens the trailer and says in his cow voice "Look at all that tall green grass - I shall try to eat it all myself!" I crack up everytime! Both our girls read the books and my 8 year old son got his collection for Christmas this year!

  4. We have a lab that has a mind of her own, similar to your Roo...and we're still trying to figure out what she's barking at during the night! Don't farm dogs have the greatest life?!

  5. Sure like that The girl know what she wants. Can never figure them out

  6. I can't imagine a farm/ranch without some kind of dog...and they all have their own type of personality. It's great.

  7. I have a bed-moving dog too. Must be the cattledog blood in her...
    Hope you have dug yourself out of the snow.
    The storm wolluped us here in Vermont.
    Come visit the herd when you have a chance:

  8. She is beautiful, love her eyes. The pic of her sleeping in the field with her doggy blanket is a classic.

    Animal Identification

  9. there has got to be some realy good stories coming about Roo!


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