My baby turned 20 last week!

I have really enjoyed saying I am "the mom of five teens!" The shock on the faces of people when they hear that I have five teenagers and that I gave birth to them all (with a little help from their dad) is always fun to watch. But I am not able to say that anymore. My little baby girl turned 20 last week.

If you are a mom, you understand how special the birthdays of your kids are. Just 21 years ago, I knew nothing of how my life was about to change drastically! Then 20 years ago, we left the hospital with a teeny little bundle in a brand new car seat. Through the years, she pushed her plastic lawn mower through the garden, learned how to show cattle, worked in various leadership positions in 4-H and learned that getting dirty through work is a positive experience. Today our little girl is a confident, beautiful grown woman and we couldn't be prouder of her.

When a new mom is busy changing diapers, learning how to dress a wiggly baby, and trying to keep up with the rest of her world, she can't even imagine the feeling of watching her grown daughter as she moves through the world.

She makes her choices for her life, sometimes following Mom's footsteps, and sometimes forging her own path--but each time we watch her, we revel in her individuality, her drive and her inner beauty.
Meghan celebrated her birthday at Denver's Fogo de Chao with lots of beef!
We love you so much, Meghan! Happy birthday, my little girl. So I guess I'm now the Mom of four teens...and one 20-something!


  1. What a great tribute to your daughter! Personally I don't think you're old enough (and you certainly don't look it) to have a daughter that is 20! Someday I hope to be a mom and be as awesome as you...

  2. I found this blog of yours and I love it! One day I hope to purchase my own cows, but for now i'm content with two quarter horses. :)
    Cowgirl of Faith,
    Hebrews 12:1

  3. With a blink of our eyes, they grow up.The wind passing by us is really life moving on. God Bless and happy Birthday young lady.

  4. My Aunt liked to say "two teenagers and one ALMOST in her teens" It implied my cousin was 11 or 12, instead of 20 ;)

    Your blog is fantastic. I'm definitely looking forward to following you for more.


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