Twelfth Day of Christmas...on a Kansas Ranch

 On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me....twelve Kansas sunsets,

My favorite thing about Kansas is the sunsets. Our house sits on a hill, with an unimpeded view in all directions. We see for miles--and each horizon has its own value! Frankly, I don't see many sunrises...even if my eyes are open, I am too bleary eyed to care! But sunsets are my thing. 


  1. Beautiful -- we can't get sunsets like these because of trees, buildings, and hills.

    I enjoyed your twelve days of Christmas!

  2. Gorgeous photos! That's one thing I miss about the midwest (now live in north Idaho). The sunsets are so awesome, and there's just something about being able to see the weather coming from miles away. That doesn't happen out here!

  3. Wow, just stunning pictures. I usually go for mountains myself, but I didn't realize visions of the prairie could so hauntingly beautiful

  4. Awesome photos. Sunrises are my thing. Getting to watch the world wake up and come alive is unlike any other. While working in the Texas feedyards I was privileged to many sunrises from the very start where the sky barely starts changing hues and the stars disappear one by one. Then in Wyoming where the stars were so close and I got to watch it rise over the snow capped mountain peaks was awesome. I'll have to go back and see your other Days of Christmas. Thanks for these!


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