Tenth Day of Christmas...on a ranch

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...ten high school sports games,
Small town 8-man football is awesome! Fast paced and I know all the kids...can't always see who they are during the game, though. Good thing they wear numbers!
I enjoy basketball much more, but I never played, so I don't really understand all the plays and such, but I yell like I do!
Life on our ranch has a lot to do with cattle and taking care of the land, but it also has five teenagers (okay, four teens, and one nearly 21 *gasp*). In a small town school, every kid is involved in every sport, every club and every event or else there wouldn't be enough people to make it happen! Consequently, we don't have nearly as many events as larger schools, and we just have a few sports within the school. This can be a downfall, or it can be a strength. For my sons, it is a strength, as they are all athletic and enjoy playing sports. So they like to play both football and basketball. So, I get to attend a LOT of games in a week. This week, I haven't really had 10 games, but sometimes it feels like it! There were weeks in the summer when we had baseball or softball games every night of the week, and we might have had kids in different towns playing on the same night! Wow, I'm glad those times are over!

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