Who am I?

I'm Debbie Lyons-Blythe. I am a cattle rancher in central Kansas, in the heart of the Flint Hills. My husband and I both grew up raising cattle. It is an excellent way of life, not just a way to make a living!

We have been married for more than 29 years, and have five kids: Meghan, age 27; Allie, age 25; Trent, age 24; and Tyler and Eric, age 22 (yes, they are twins!).

We have about 250 mama cows raising calves, and 350 heifers (cows that haven't had a calf yet). We sell bulls and heifers and sometimes feed out our steers at a feedyard. But usually our product is the genetics that other ranchers use to produce beef.

My job is to raise the cattle and kids. My husband works in town and helps on the ranch in the evenings and weekends. We love our ranch in Kansas. It is a beautiful place to raise cattle and a family.

I post to this blog to share with people around the world what life is like in rural Kansas and how my family works every day to ensure a safe, nutritious supply of beef to consumers.

I am also on social media as DebbieLB most places. Look for me:


  1. Hello Debbie ~ It's nice to meet you. I'm also a farm wife, but much older than you (almost 71). We have cattle too; currently we're trying to feed a little calf on the bottle but she refuses to suck so she's being kept alive with tube feeding ~ how long can that go on!

    Our main source of farm income comes from being contract poultry growers (40 years!)

    I love reading about your farm life!

  2. hello from the Great Smoky Mountains, the Tennessee side. we watched macys parade but did not observe the new commercial that you had referenced.

  3. Debbie, We watched for the American Farmers ad during Macys parade but did not see it. We are located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. We rec

  4. Debbie, your commercial was awesome. So positive for agriculture! My boys and I just got watching it after seeing it announced on the electronic version of BEEF magazine. You make us proud! Thanks for all you do for promoting ag! Sarah Mills, DVM

  5. Debbie My son, grandson and I have a very small cattle ranch in beautiful Arkansas. We have 22 heifers ready to birth any day and I keep an eye on them as the other two work so I am reading and learning from your blog. I am a nurse so hope that helps. HA. Raised on a farm, doing the 4-H thing I am now at almost 77 back to it and loving it. We have black angus and red angus and I do not live on the ranch as grandson is ranch mgr and also has a full time job. He has lots of experience with cattle and horses as he worked on a ranch during college and has an ag degree. Wish us luck as we go full steam ahead as there's no stopping this train. Thanks for your great info and pictures---I have not actually ever seen a calf born---this was so great.

  6. Hi Debbie! Can't wait to visit next week with Sunday Supper! So glad we met at Food Wine Conference. I really enjoyed your talk on sustainable ranching.


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