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It all started in 1986--I went to Japan to promote Kansas beef in the Daiei supermarkets and I was hooked! Through the years, communication has changed and consumers have changed. I often hear criticism for the "Millennial" consumer, and I vehemently disagree! These young people are interested in many of the things that farmers and ranchers also care about:  protecting the environment, caring for animals and making things better! What a perfect opportunity to answer questions about how food is raised. 

I have been involved in connecting with consumers for many years--both in person and digitally. A few examples are below. In addition, I routinely host people to visit my ranch and a few blog posts about their visit are also listed below.

Presentations available online:

  • State of NOW Twitter Conference #140You in July 2013 in New York City at the 92nd Street YMCA,  Title: Have No Fear, Empower Yourself

  • National Farm Mom of the Year, 2012: Farm Moms and City Moms have the same concerns

Posts by Visitors to my ranch:

"Truth is, my perspective was way wrong.  I have been digesting all that I learned and have so much more to do.  There is much more to come, but for now, I will tell you to please get the big picture and your own information.  It is always important that you do your own research, so you can form your own opinion based on fact." --Dana Zucker
"Not long after piling into Debbie’s pickup truck with my three kids and mom, we were lucky enough to roll down our windows and witness the birth of a calf from about 5o meters away."  --Liz Heineke
"The perception I had of ranchers like Debbie was not of them having herds that looked like a calm group of cows just hanging out.  If they are poked and pushed and not treated with a gentle hand, why didn’t they just run to the open field when the gate opened. Truth is, these herds are treated well, very well.  They are fed before the family and when everyone else is tucked into bed on a iced over day, the family is out making sure the herd has food and water."  --Dana Zucker
 "The family ranchers’ dedication to caring for their cattle and their land was mind-blowing. They said several times how they look at it a “gift from God” which explains their dedication and hard work. Their compassion and love of their way of life shined through every single person that we met." --Ashley Prescuitti

Relevant Blog Posts on KidsCowsandGrass by topic:

"I believe that we have a responsibility to treat our cows and calves with respect--that means we provide everything they need to have a good life including space to roam and abundant food and water."
"I am so grateful that you chose to allow your special person to become my hero. I cannot imagine the pain of losing your child, but I came very close. You are in my thoughts every day, and I want you to know that my boy is doing his best to live a good life to honor your child."

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