May is Beef Month--Share Your Favorite Recipe!

Sunset off our porch, over the hay field. May 2011
I love May--for so many reasons! I am really not a fan of winter. As I get older, I become less able to deal with the cold weather. My joints ache, I can not put on enough clothing to stay warm, and I have never liked being cold! Okay...enough whining...did I say, I LOVE MAY! May is spring...warm weather, green grass, baby calves, and getting cattle bred and out to grass.

All winter, we keep the cattle close to home so we can keep them fed. There is very little nourishment in the native winter grass in Kansas, so we must feed hay to the cattle. That means every single day working with tractors and often in the snow or mud to feed the cows and calves. Can you understand why I may not like winter?!

But this weekend is the first weekend in May and we are hauling cattle out to grass. We still have a few around to feed for another week or so until I get them bred, but they are quickly getting cranky with us as they would rather be enjoying the green grass. 

A sure sign of spring, the Purple Martins return! May 2011
Another reason to love May is that it is National Beef Month. I know, I know...we eat beef every month....well, every week...nearly EVERY DAY! We have lots of our favorite beef recipes, and I've shared quite a few of them with you. Now, I'd love to hear of your beef recipes! I will pick one beef recipe out of all that you submit to award $100 in Beef Bucks! So, comment on this post, email me, or post it on my Facebook page!

This is the beginning of my brisket recipe...guess I'll post that soon!

This is your chance to share your favorite recipe and earn some free beef in the process. Beef Bucks are able to be spent in many restaurants and grocery stores across the country. So get involved! Send me your recipes!!


  1. our favorite recipe is ground beef and then I shread(with my cheese shredder) a potato, carrot, onion and dice a little cabbage in it and mix, form into patties and grill, the veggies make it so moist and make it a meal on a bug.

    1. That sounds great...on a bun, though. Not a bug. ;-) I'm sure that is what you meant!!

  2. We eat our fair share of beef in our household too! We look for different ways to jazz up ground beef. Here is a link to my blog, featuring one such recipe!



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