Wildflowers on the Prairie

Butterfly Bush, blooming in the Kansas Flint Hills native pastures.
Daisy Fleabane, teeny little white flowers with white centers.
Cat's Claw Sensitive Briar, with purple puffs for flowers, the fern-like leaves will curl up when you touch them.
Primrose, these don't smell very good, but they are really striking flowers in the sea of green grass!


  1. Beautiful! We have most of these here in Arkansas. I have the butterfly milkweed plant in my flower beds.

    1. The butterfly bush is my favorite!! I have transplanted a bunch of it into my yard. It has a really long root, but I have found that you don't have to dig very deep to get it to transplant.

  2. The wild flowers have been so beautiful this year. We got some rain early. Last year nothing. Thanks for sharing. Terah

  3. Wildflowers are one of my favorite things! The native coneflowers are blooming here! Thanks for such a pretty post!

  4. So glad to see ranchers appreciating the wildflowers too. My husband runs an OSU ranch and I work for the university and run The Prairie Project. Congrats on the award!



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