Murphy's Law Strikes Again

It is a beautiful Saturday morning. We have a baseball game this afternoon, my husband got up early to bale alfalfa hay and I headed to a pasture to enjoy the cool breeze and check cows.

The cattle are spread out around the pond eating or still sleeping.

I drive through them checking for illness as well as just enjoying their company.

They crowd around my little Geo Tracker to see what I've brought them. I love this--cattle all around me, not afraid and beautiful weather!

Finally my husband calls. He's finished baling and we need to move a group of cows to fresh grass and asks me to meet him at another pasture 5 miles away, so I start up the Tracker and head to the gate.

But the beauty of the day still has me captivated and I'm not paying close attention to where I'm driving--there's no actual road, remember. As I putter through the tall grass, watching cows and smiling to myself, BOOM! The Tracker drops into a gully!

It does have 4-wheel drive but won't budge! I sigh deeply because I know I must call for help and will take plenty of teasing today!

Murphy's Law bites me in the butt again! It states if anything can go wrong, it WILL!

In the positive side, as I sit here waiting for my son in a pickup with a big chain, I can flip through pictures I took this morning and write a blog post!! Just wish I had a cup of coffee...

My son arrives...

...and I'm free!

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  1. Thanks for making me laugh this morning. I've been there ...... recently. haha Terah

    1. Sometimes you just have to laugh! I was able to see the humor in the story as I sat there waiting for a kid to come to pull me out. Looks like I found the only washout ditch in the whole area!!

  2. Replies
    1. No, no, Joe!! I was stuck in the ditch when I wrote the full post...and then finished it after my boy pulled me out!

  3. Thanks for sparking my memory this morning and giving me a good laugh!! I did the same thing a couple of years ago exept it was the 4 wheeler and when all 4 tires are off the ground 4 wheel drive wont even save you!!!! That was a hard phone call to make cuz I knew my hubby wouldn't let me hear the end of it. Not because I got stuck but before I left I said "no don't load the 4-wheeler in the pickup (normally I hauled it to that pasture)I will be fine it is a nice evening for a longer drive.... If I would have had the pickup I would of had a chain and could have got myself out and nobody would have ever known I got stuck!!!!!

    1. EXACTLY, Bobbi!! It isn't a big deal to get stuck...but everyone loves to razz me about it!! So I will call ANYONE but my husband to help me! I've been known to call my best friend's husband, too...but that story ends up being told over a dinner party sometime later anyway. Oh well!


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