Spicy Espresso CAB Flat Iron steaks

My favorite part of the National Jr Angus Show is the Certified Angus Beef cook off. My kids have participated in this educational competition yearly since 2006!

The kids come up with a recipe that utilizes Certified Angus Beef and then they write a skit to promote their recipe. This year, the recipe is Spicy Espresso Flat Iron Steaks. If you haven't tried a flat iron, run to your supermarket and ask the butcher for one. It is the second most tender muscle in the beef carcass. And this dry rub is delicious!

To promote the recipe, the skit featured a couple of cowboys in the late 1800s following a herd of longhorn steers across the western Kansas prairie. They cross a ridge and see a man in a Scottish kilt and his wife. He turns out to be George Grant who imported the first Angus bulls to America--more precisely, Victoria, Kansas--and he shows them his prize bull. Of course he is Angus. To make a long story short, Mr. Grant serves the cowboys a steak from this recipe.

We have to wait until Wednesday evening to find out the results of the competition, but the kids did a great job and the skit had everyone laughing! I think my son in a kilt (with hairy legs) and another kid dressed as an Angus bull were the main attractions! They sure caused a stir when they appeared in costume!

Anyway, I will update you all when we find out the results, but let me share the recipe with you now. As well as another picture of Mr & Mrs Grant!

Spicy Espresso Flat Iron CAB Steaks

1 Tbsp dry steak seasoning (we use a mesquite flavor)
1 Tbsp chili powder
2 Tbsp finely ground espresso beans
2 Certified Angus beef flat iron steaks

Mix seasoning ingredients together and rub each steak with 1 Tbsp on each side. Carefully oil the grill and cook each steak to medium rare doneness--or 135 degrees internal temperature.

Remove from heat and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes. Serve hot!

Enjoy and think of my son's knobby knees as you cook--no, on second thought, just remember that George Grant started a revolution in 1873 with his new bulls. It is a revolution that we all enjoy today!

And check out CertifiedAngusBeef.org for more recipes and information about different cuts of meat!

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  1. UPDATE: This is the 2nd place overall CAB Cook off team for the Intermediate age division, cooking Steak. It was so fun--from the costumes to the meal preparation, we have many stories to share for years! Congratulations, kids, and I hope everyone enjoys this recipe.


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