My LAST first day of school

This is it! My last first day of high school...because it is all about me, you know!  Seriously, it isn't about me at all, but through the years, we've had lots of first day of school pictures. Since our oldest went to kindergarten 17 years ago, I've been taking first day of school pictures!
My identical twins just 13 years ago...heading to kindergarten on the bus with Mr. Keith! Today they started their senior year in high school. did that happen so fast?
Not long ago, they were little babies who snuggled together to calm each other down.
Then they "graduated" from kindergarten. Yes, that is a plastic bowl on their heads for a cap!! Now my youngest kids are starting their last year in high school. I am very excited for them, but I can't believe how quickly this day came. Good luck, boys! Enjoy your senior year!! I'll focus on my last concession stand, last football game, last parent-teacher conferences, last grade cards...and last first day of school. Great memories!!

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  1. First day of school photos were a tradition around here, too. I'm impressed that you got them to pause on the bus steps. Enjoy the year!


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