My boys deserve a steak!

My boys deserve a steak! So why not give them the best--a Certified Angus Beef flat iron steak on the grill with our Secret Recipe Seasoning mix.

Okay, so it isn't really a secret recipe--I actually shared the recipe for my seasoning mix! Debbie's super secret seasoning recipe!It is great on these flat iron steaks and we use it on hamburgers all the time!

If you are looking for an easy to grill, delicious, tender steak look for a flat iron at your grocery store. That is the second most tender steak (the first is the ribeye) and it is cheaper since it is from the chuck.

I meant to get a picture of it sliced on my plate with a couple of side dishes, but once I had it on my plate I totally forgot about a picture! Sorry. But trust me, it was beautiful!


  1. This stuff really looks amazing!! Can you also use it on chicken and fish? Where did you come up with the idea of what to put into your recipe? Can you buy it at your local shopping place? I am in a media class for Missouri State and needed to comment on a blog and your amazing steak pictures caught my eye!:)

    1. Alleigh, I'm sorry if I approved your comment too late for your class credit! But let me know and I can talk to the professor for you! It is an awesome recipe. I'm sure it would work on fish and I know it is delish on chicken! I actually created this recipe from a bunch of recipes online. I looked through them and put together what I liked. It was really good the first time, but awesome the second time with a few minor adjustments!!

      Good luck in class and thanks for visiting! I'm actually a journalism grad and love to hear of kids in a media class!

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