Year of the Farmer - It's time to join the conversation!

If I wanted to know what goes on in a steel mill, I'd ask a steel mill I hope if you are interested in what happens on a farm, you would ask a farmer!  But conversation is a 2-way street.  In order to have your questions answered, you need to be able to connect with a farmer. There are many, many farmers and ranchers in America trying to do just that--talk with consumers about where their food comes from.  But we still need more people willing to have that conversation!

Today on the blog, I have written a guest post about joining the conversation.

Year of the Farmer |  Debbie Lyons-Blythe: Farmers, It's Time to Join the Conversation!

Making hay, hauling hay, building fences, vaccinating calves and cheering at high school football games on Friday nights—I love the fall season in Kansas. This time of year on the ranch, we are preparing for the final harvest. The hay is mostly in bales, and we are as busy as squirrels storing food for the winter—hauling the hay bales to barns and stacks to save to feed the cows when the winter hits. That makes for some late nights following the tractor and hay wagons home and some early mornings heading out to check cattle before the late summer heat makes them hide in the shade.

Farmers and ranchers are busy people. We don’t punch a time clock, but if we did....{Read More}

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  1. I must agree! I love this time of the year!:) Great post


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