Proud to be "just a mom"

Farm moms and city moms--they are pretty much alike! If you've read my blog for very long, you know that I'm just a mom (but I say that with total joy and reverence for all those "Just a Moms" out there!). I have five kids that I am extremely proud of; I'm married to a wonderful man who has been my partner for nearly 25 years; Roo the cowdog is my everyday buddy; and I am a cattle rancher. Sure, you and I are different people, but fundamentally, we are the same no matter where we live or what we do.

All moms have similar concerns. We focus on our kids--are they doing well in school, are they eating right, are they getting enough sleep. We worry about our world--the local school, our own yard and neighborhood, and the greater environment. It doesn't matter if you are a farm mom or city mom, these are your priorities!

People are becoming more and more interested in where their food comes from these days, and I always encourage folks to ask the farmers who grow their food instead of "experts" on the internet! So when Monsanto called to ask if I would be a part of the America's Farmers advertising campaign "It Begins with a Farmer" I quickly said YES! The campaign is all about connecting people and answering questions.

Little did I know that they would be bringing in a real advertising company and everyone involved in shooting commercials for TV! We had more than 30 people on our farm for a few days, setting up tents for the cameras and lighting to enhance the scene and mood. When we started talking about it all, they said they would have a porta-potty delivered and I said "NO! I draw the line there! Our bathroom can handle you all!"  I was right. We were fine, but I really didn't expect the crowd and crazy times that we had for 2½ days! So let me share the link to the final commercial that is showing in about 20 cities across the U.S. The first debuted during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, in those local cities and they will be showing also during the Super Bowl in the 20 local markets.  There are three different commercials and they are all awesome!!

"96% of American farms are still family owned. Which means on the farm
the CEO is usually referred to as mom and mom usually refers to her big
farming operation as home. She knows that to raise something right you
can't cut corners and of all the things you can plant, the most
important is a little bit of yourself. Where ever your day takes you and
however it ends, chances are, it began with a farmer."

We are so honored to be representing American farm families in this way! I hope you all appreciate that I am NO ACTRESS! It took many many takes to brush my hair out of my eyes within the few seconds we had and not look all sweaty and nasty doing it! So when I tear up at the end of the commercial, it is real. The director said he wanted me to just do what I would normally do. He led in with, "Your son is growing up. You have worked with him for many years and he is ready to take over the farm. You are trusting him and proud of him.....ready....action!"  And I started to cry!!! I didn't want to cry on national television, but I couldn't hold it back! I am so proud of my kids and I know one day they will be "taking the keys from us" in a very literal way. So when you see me trying desperately to hold back the tears in the last few seconds of the ad, know that they are real and they come from a place deep inside me full of respect and pride in my farm kids.  Thank you, Monsanto, for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful campaign! For more information, please take the time to check out the website:  It is full of good information about the people behind the scenes--the American Farm Families!

Just a few photos from the crazy days of shooting a commercial...


  1. I cried during each one of those commercials. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I saw the commercial earlier tonight on TV. Nice job!

  3. It was an honor to meet you Debbie - thank you for sharing your passion with us!


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