10 days until Christmas!

Do you have all your shopping done? I definitely do NOT! I have a list that I work from year round. I keep it on my phone in an app called Santa's Bag...I love this app, but I still have to go out and buy the presents!! (by the way, if you are interested in checking out this app, click here!!)  Or make them. I do make a lot of my presents. I love the feel of giving something I spent time on to design and create.

I've told you before that our kids each receive three presents--that began when they were very little. I was overwhelmed buying the biggest and best presents each year..making sure the pile was equal in size and value for each child. I was driving myself crazy! Jesus received three gifts from the Wise Men:  gold, frankincense, and myrrh. So we decided that three presents is a great number for our kids. One present from Santa, one from Mom & Dad and one that they needed. The Mom & Dad gift is usually the best one! Why not get some credit for it!! :)

As the kids grew, we have continued this tradition and it is really awesome. The kids look forward to it and we spend more time opening and appreciating the gifts we receive. Limiting the number of gifts allows me to spend more time planning and organizing my gift ideas and I have found that it hasn't limited the cool gifts we give; instead it has made the gifts more thoughtful.  The kids still draw names for each other and buy one sibling a gift with a limit of $25. I see that tradition continuing for many years as well. They are all nearly grownups now (what age is that official?!) and they still enjoy watching their chosen sibling open the gift they found.

So it's time to get your list out and check it twice, or three times to make sure you have all the gifts you need to buy. If you are in need of a gift and are at a loss as to what to do, I have a suggestion. STEAK!!! You can have Certified Angus Beef steak delivered directly to your loved one! The page itself will make your tastebuds quiver! So head on over to CertifiedAngusBeef.com to select a package of delicious, tender, nutritious beef!  There is a variety to choose from--CAB Filet Mignon, CAB Sirloins, CAB Natural and CAB Prime! You can find the perfect gift! I am a cattle rancher and I have a freezer full of beef, but I would LOVE to have a gift package full of Certified Angus Beef steaks! Trust me.

I was in line at a local mall waiting to pay for my purchases and I started talking to a lady in front of me. I don't know how we got onto the conversation, but she said for her grown children she gives them steak every year for Christmas! I hadn't even told her I was a rancher or given her a clue that I would think this is the coolest gift ever! She is not a farmer or rancher, but was raised on a farm, she said. She also said her kids all look forward to their steak delivery!

So have a very Merry Christmas and don't stress out on your shopping this year. Just check out the CAB site and make all your friends and family happy!!

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