School's out--winter weather advisory! Let's get to work!

Snow days mean different things to different people..and to ranchers, it can mean a lot of work! I love when school is cancelled and my kids are home to help with the increased work it can be taking care of cattle.

I recently wrote about a typical winter day on the ranch for RamZone for my last post during the Year of the Farmer! Check it out!!

This is a topic that I've actually blogged about before...remember the Christmas Eve blizzard?
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 So stay warm and I hope you have plenty of beautiful snow to enjoy a very Merry Christmas!


  1. I enjoy your posts and the glimpses into everyday, real life on a ranch. We live in Western NY where we get snow!! We are just coming out of a winter storm here that dumped 50 inches of snow in some places. Luckily we are close enough to Lake Ontario we are more protected ( depending on the direction o f the wind) and we only got about 14 -16 inches. We are just building a barn and so our cows still weather outside and are doing very well, but I do feel sorry for those calves We calve in April to avoid the mud, but I do have a few fall calves! I think I will go out after my coffee and spread some straw! Keep up the work and enjoy winter! By the way, in the midst of this storm I talked to my son who lives near Topeka and he said it was sunny and 50 degrees! We have had single digits and wind chills below zero! B-r-r-r

    1. The weather has been crazy...and I think you all in NY have our warm temperatures now! Today it is snowing again in Kansas and I am ready for a White Christmas!

  2. Well, the almanac is predicting a very cold winter, so I wonder what is in store for Kansas this year? Since my kiddo and I moved here from Florida in 2011, we still aren't used to this cold! I never quite thought what it would mean for a cattle ranch.

    1. You just never know about the weather. I think many states claim "variable weather" but in Kansas we get highs near 120 degrees in the summer and lows -20 degrees in the winter. Crazy! I hope you keep warm this winter, Steph!!


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