Happy Birthday Hamburger! #Recipe post! #giveaway

Burger Recipes via CertifiedAngusBeef.com @KidsCowsandGrass.com
On July 28, 1900, Louis Lassen served a hamburg steak between two slices of bread--and voila! The Hamburger was born! So, today in celebration of Louis and the first hamburger, let me share a recipe or two, and a link or three and just see if you can't get excited about hamburgers!

My favorite place to get hamburger recipes is the Certified Angus Beef recipe page...did you know they have a whole section devoted to the glorious hamburger? Well, they do!! Here you go...see it for yourself!

CAB Black & Blue Burger--Happy Birthday Hamburger! @KidsCowsandGrass.com

Happy Birthday Hamburger Schwied & Sons @KidsCowsandGrass.com

How to make the perfect burger patty @KidsCowsandGrass.com

Also, you need my Meat Seasoning Recipe listed at left...it is absolutely the BEST homemade seasoning mix ever--and easy to make and store. It makes hamburgers awesome--and we use it on steaks and veggies, too. (yeah, yeah, sometimes on other meats as well).

So as you enjoy the end of July, it seems that summer is already nearing the end. But take a day to celebrate the Hamburger today (or this weekend) and let me know what your favorite burger topping is in the comments for a chance to win $10 in Beef Bucks!! That buys ground beef for your next cookout!! Happy Birthday, Hamburger!!


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  3. I like lots of pickles and cheese.

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    1. And it is a secret recipe--but very special! I am lucky to have some in my refrigerator!

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