Spring has sprung!

Life is good...cattle are heading to grass and things will calm down on the ranch soon!
Roo the Cow Dog is getting some much needed rest.
And the purple martins are nesting! Spring is here!


  1. And with the rain, there should be a nice flush of grass & flowers! Happy cow breeding; we pull CIDR's on the first group tomorrow! Maybe we'll have some heat checking mud to help us find them.

  2. Thank you so much for your blog! As a brand new wife to a Kansas cattle rancher, I appreciate reading about other ranchers, especially women, who are taking such good care of the cattle that we have been entrusted to care for. As a city girl in the marketing field, I understand how important it is for the consumer to understand how these cattle are being cared for. My husband spent all day Saturday trying to save a good Angus cow who was trying to deliver twins. Regretfully, the cow and twin B died leaving us with a beautiful bull calf being fed twice a day with a bottle. I bet most moms would understand feeding formula twice a day to a rambunctious calf! I wonder how many consumers understand how many ranches around the country keep their dining rooms, porches, living rooms, bathrooms etc filled with little newborn calves all winter long to make sure they survive to get back to the good care of their cows? These stories are important for the American consumer. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  3. Debbie great meeting you at the Animal Ag Alliance earlier this month!!! Keep in touch if you need anything from a chicken farmer :) I will be following you.

    Amanda Tiemeyer


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