Barn cats - Wordless Wednesday

Kittens are cool--whether they're barn cats or house cats.
My daughter took these photos of the latest litter of barn kittens at our place.
Mama Kitty sleeps while the crazy kids play.

Barn cats are a source entertainment, as well as a great way to keep the mice and rats in check in the grain storage. Seems like we always have a litter of kittens around. Once, my boys had to save a litter of kittens that had fallen down a drain pipe--read about it here in a previous blog post.


  1. Oh I love barn cats. Unforunately the boy is extremely allergic to them. So I'll just have to admire your pictures.

  2. SO cute! I'm a sucker for orange and white kittens...somehow they're special. I used to be extremely allergic but not any more. Not sure how the allergy switch was turned off, but I'm so glad it was!

  3. Crystal, I love barn cats, too. I'm more of a dog-person, but cats are pretty darn cool! Allie took these pics, so I'll pass on to her that you are enjoying them.

  4. Sally, I love orange & white kittens too. What is the deal? I just think they are so cool-looking! We have one and her name is Lint because she was born in our calf warmer which is actually an old clothes dryer!

    Also, I really don't understand how allergies work. My son was violently allergic to milk protein as a little boy, but has outgrown it. What the heck? So glad he did, though. Milk is a huge part of our diet!


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