Times change--my nest is not empty, just chaotic!

These are my little girls. They are "sugar and spice and everything nice".....okay, if you believe that I have some ocean front property in eastern Kansas I would like to sell you!  But seriously, that nursery rhyme might be too cheesy and general for today's little girls, but I must admit that girls are intrinsically different from boys.

I was raised by a strong mom who didn't let anyone tell her a "girl" couldn't do whatever she wanted to do! So my sister and I grew up thinking that we could do anything, be anyone! Consequently, both of us are deeply involved in ranching and we both love it! So when I had two beautiful little girls, I was totally comfortable. I know how girls think; how to motivate them; how to comfort them.

Then along came Trent, Tyler and Eric! Those boys rocked my world....rocked it to pieces at times! Boys are born knowing the sound a tractor makes and how to dig a hole nearly to china in the sandbox, often flinging sand at their sisters who are quietly playing with their own trucks in the corner, making little fields and irrigating sprigs of grass stuck in the sand.  To be fair, I tell you about my girls playing with trucks and tractors, but my boys also played with barbies....they used them as GUNS! One leg up and one leg down, hold the body and they make a passable gun--with imagination!
Size 13 basketball shoes, after a day of washing cattle--not allowed in the hotel room! 'Nuff said!
Boys play differently, work differently, grow in a different way and even smell different! Boys also change the whole structure of a family. Girls are a bit more physical and loud when there are brothers in the mix. I had girls first, so they are the leaders of the family, telling the younger brothers how to dress, how to act and where to take their dates on Friday night.

But today, we move Girl #2 to the dormitory at college, to join her older sister in the "grown-up" world (or nearly grown-up)! That leaves me at home with four men: a 17 year old senior, two 15 year old sophomores and a husband. I will survive, but it will mean some major changes in the house!

Usually when a child grows up and leaves home, it means Mom can back off on the amount of food cooked each evening. With three young men playing sports and working on the ranch, I will not be cooking in small saucepans anytime soon! In addition, I will still be buying milk 8 gallons at a time! This week alone, we've gone through more than a gallon at each meal--I've been to the grocery store twice to purchase 8 gallons each time!

The biggest change is that I won't be as tuned in to the politics at the school. My girls could tell me exactly what was going on in each class, every day. Either the boys are oblivious to the social happenings, or they don't care and won't be telling Mom! I'll have to call the girls in college to find out what is happening at our high school!

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for our girls in college. Meghan is in her junior year and is really maturing into an amazing young woman and Allie is excited for her small town world to expand! I loved college and am thrilled to watch my kids grow through the experience. I guess I'll have to make a few more trips to the college town for coffee and girl-time!

Good luck, my ladies! We are very proud of you both--and love you so much! Have fun in college and don't forget about your old Mama at home with the boys.


  1. Thanks for the perspective, Debbie. What a proud momma you must be! My oldest starts kindergarten in four days...the time goes quickly, doesn't it?

  2. Sarah: Kindergarten is such an awesome year!! We had such fun reading books together and doing the kindergarten homework! Enjoy your time with your little person--it does go fast, but it is so precious! I love my teens, and I totally enjoy them as young adults. I hope you can say that one day too. :)


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