Babies are beautiful--Wordless Wednesday

The weather has been beautiful and the babies are beginning to arrive!

But the donkeys are bullying the heifers to get the best spot in the straw. Once Jake and Jenny are settled the cows and calves fill in.

Soon there will be hundreds of babies all around the ranch.


  1. We have had 2 loves to see several and so do the neighbors They will stop and watch them

  2. Debbie, since I found your blog and joined and since I am a farm girl too I have been reading everyone of your blogs and the idea of AI has sparked my interest. My husband and I have talked about this before and because of your blog I think we will now try it. I like the idea of being able to control the size of our calves along with other things. And this is a project I can take on and call my own. I watched the video of the closed in chute you use with the curtain. I am interested in it all. We live in central Missouri and don't have as many cows as you all do but anything we can learn for the better we are willing to do. We take our cattle very serious, their care and well being are very important to us. Thanks so much for all the tips.


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