Help the planet by eating beef!

Ranchers help protect wildlife--by maintaining contiguous areas of grass, wild bird populations across the nation are protected.

"When someone buys a package of beef in LA or New York, they are helping to maintain these highly intact keeping those ranchers in business," said Christian Hagen, Wildlife Biologist.

This video uses sage grouse as an example of ranchers' success, but there are species across the nation that are benefited by ranchers' practices of maintaining high quality grasslands.  In Kansas we are known for pheasant and quail as well as prairie chicken and wild turkey--not to mention the wild mammals our land supports!  What is good for cattle, is also good for wildlife!


  1. One of my friends is a Wildlife Conservation major in college and she is always lecturing me about how wildlife and farming go hand in hand! Very few people believe that these animals can share the same environment. Way to spread the word!

    Where the Blacktop Begins

  2. Nice! Thanks for all your hard work keeping the lifestyle alive, and for sharing through your blog. Cheers!

    1. I love writing about my life on the ranch! Thanks so much for stopping by to read it. What a great opportunity to meet and learn about different ways of life--blogging is awesome!


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